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Alkaline Water and Chronic Diseases
Alkaline Water Extraordinary Healing Power Alkaline Water Properties Triggering Its Healing Power

Alkaline Water: Extraordinary Healing Power
What Research Says About?

Human Body to Be Compared to a Biochemical Plant

Human body may be compared to a biochemical plant of a very high complexity. Body organs and each individual cell are the sub-units wherein billions of metabolic and physiological reactions take place. The food we eat and the air we breathe provide for both energy and raw materials the plant uses. Most wastes from normal life metabolic processes are acidic and toxic anyway. Under normal conditions, to avoid auto-intoxication, these wastes are continuously removed from the body. The products produced in this plant are the products expected from a normal functioning of the essential body systems, which sustain life.

pH Condition for Body Optimal Functioning

Scientists' works show that metabolic and physiological processes occur the optimal way when our body is slightly alkaline. In that case, the blood pH is 7.35-7.45. Thus our body is alkaline by design, but acidic by function. Living body plant produces and eliminates toxic (mostly acidic) wastes through continuous processes.

Acidosis – An Overall Body dysfunction

This modern time, our overall lifestyle (an acidic diet and a highly sedentary and stressful life) contributes to fuel the body acid excess. In this case, the systems responsible for detoxifying become overwhelmed. An acid excess will built up in the body. A status of body over-acidity, called acidosis, develops. Molecules of blood will agglomerate abnormally. This may lead to blood clots. The blood as a whole will become more viscous and the circulation, towards the individual cells and through the very small capillaries of the body, will be impaired. There will be parts of the body that will lack oxygen, nutrients and antibodies. Deadly diseases will then appear one after another, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, premature aging, cancer, acid reflux, yeast infections, heart failure and kidney diseases.

Alkaline Water Ionizers

We recommend Alkaline Water Ionizer as a valuable investment for you who are fighting severe chronic disease (like cancer, lung fibrosis, diabetes, severe obesity) or who simply need to prevent chronic diseases and stay healthier longer.


Research Results on Alkaline Water: Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Research shows that we need to keep a healthy lifestyle to prevent or fight degenerative chronic diseases. The appropriate lifestyle that scientists have revealed is the one that is able to help the body alkalize. It includes the following: alkaline diet, alkaline water, regular exercise and a low-stress way of life.

The herein video shows the amazing results of research conducted in Japan on the use of alkaline water in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Water (as physiological fluids) is the most abundant compound in the human body, up to 55% of the body mass. Physiological fluids support normal physiology by carrying nutrients, oxygen and wastes, and constitute the media in which almost all metabolic reactions take place.

Healing Power of Alkaline Water for Chronic Diseases

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