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Alkaline Water and Chronic Diseases
Alkaline Water Extraordinary Healing Power Alkaline Water Properties Triggering Its Healing Power

What Properties Give To Alkaline Water
Its Extraordinary Healing Power?

Alkaline Water Properties That Explain Its Healing Power
Video of Research Findings

Japanese and Korean hospitals have been using alkaline water for more than 20 years to prevent and cure a variety of degenerative chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, premature aging, acid reflux, hypertension and cholesterol. Intensive research has been done to try to determine the physical properties that do justify alkaline water amazing healing power. Three main characteristics were found: high alkalinity of this water, its micro-clusters size and its anti-oxidant properties.

High Alkalinity of Alkaline Water

This is due to the high content of this water in alkaline minerals: calcium, magnesium and potassium. For example Kangen Water used in Japan has a pH 8.5-9.5. Research shows that contrarily to an acidic body alkalized body inhibit the development of chronic diseases in general and of cancer, diabetes, infections by viruses, bacteria and fungi in particular. Alkalized body is just what is needed by design to maintain optimal metabolism, physiology and immune system.

Alkaline Water Micro-clusters Size

Alkaline water micro-clusters are smaller in size compared to those in tap Water. In alkaline water clusters have 5-8 water molecules while in tap water they have 11-16. These smaller clusters allow alkaline water to more easily and quickly move throughout the body, reach each individual cell and supply nutrients, oxygen and water as well. The body will be this way energized, rejuvenated and super-hydrated.

Alkaline Water an Anti-oxidant

Scientific works show that free radicals are destroyed in alkaline media. Thus alkaline water happens to be highly anti-oxidant and therefore anti-aging.

The video on this page links alkaline water physical properties to its extraordinary healing power. Watch it and spread the word!

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