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Acidosis Cancer Main Cause
Alkaline Diet Cancer Natural Cure

More and more studies show that acidosis, or body over-acidity, may be the leading cause of most chronic diseases, with cancer included.

For many experts, acidosis is at first a nutrition and lifestyle deficiency. To prevent or to fight cancer we need to address the body acidosis by living a healthy lifestyle. Such lifestyle should include an alkaline diet, regular fitness exercise and healthy physical and psychological environments.

Alkaline Diet May Cure Cancer

The story in the video below is a testimony by Josie, an 8-year old girl who was able to shrink brain cancer tumor by 75% with alkaline diet. Before that, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy had been unsuccessful. After a year of alkaline diet, Josie was declared cancer free.

Alkaline Diet Cancer Healing Amazing Video

Altic Health Prevention is grateful to Josie for sharing this amazing hopeful testimony. We are also thankful to Dr Bernardo Majalca for following this promising non-traditional medical path: “The pH Miracle Diet in Cancer Healing”.


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Our body possesses an amazing ability to self prevent and help cure most deadly chronic diseases: Cancer, diabetes, Candida infection, arthritis, obesity overweight, acid reflux, premature aging, osteoporosis, for instance. To succeed this role, our body needs the right foods and the right lifestyle. Learn about the testimonies of people around the world.

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