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Fight Candida Infections
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Symptoms of Candida Infections

Rash on armpit due to Candida infection

For women:

-Vaginal itching
-Thick, cottage cheese-like vaginal discharge
-Vaginal odor

For men:

-Irritation, soreness, itching on penis head, pain when urinating
-Reddish rash on the head of the penis
-Small blisters on the head and shaft of the penis
-Rashes on or around sexual organs, with itching and irritation
-Thick white discharge from the penis

For Babies:

-Oral thrush (mouth and tongue)
-Diaper rashes

General Symptoms:

-Hair loss
-Fungus on the fingernails or on the toenails
-Indigestion, bloating and abdominal pain
-Dry skin
-Rashes on the skin

If you experience one, two or more of the above symptoms you may suffer from Candida infection. Nevertheless many of the above symptoms may be caused also by other different diseases. So to confirm Candidiasis, beside the symptoms, a Candida test should be performed either by your physician or by yourself at home. You can try our free and simple Home Candida Saliva Test to check your system for Candida infections.

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