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Acidosis Causes Body Autotoxification
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Fight Obesity - Lose Weight
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Treatment for Obesity - Lose Weight with Nutrition

Our Nutritional Supplements for Weight Loss

Alkaline diet and nutritional supplements to help fight obesity - Balanced physical activities a must too

Our weight loss program (alkaline diet and nutritional supplements) constitutes a natural obesity therapy. It is safe, highly effective and far less expensive than most other programs intended to lose weight.

This nutritional plan has two core components

  1. A healthy lifestyle above all: exercise, alkaline diet, a not too stressful way of living. The alkaline diet will bring the proper nutrients, minerals, and vitamins and will maintain the optimal conditions needed for a healthy body
  2. Nutritional products: they supplement our diet, but do not replace it.

Obesity or overweight levels:

The body pH you might consider here is the average value of “First Morning Urine pH Test” taken seven successive days.

Supplements for Weight Loss
(1-Month Pack)
Obese with Severe Acidosis
1 Active Systemic Enzymes
1 Active Digestive Enzymes
1 Colostrum
1 Coral Complete
1 Oxygen Elements Max
1 Threelac
Total $196.75
Overweight with moderate acidosis
1 Active Systemic Enzymes
1 Coral Complete
Total $53.95
Overweight with normal body pH
1 Coral Complete
Total $26.95
Active Systemic Enzymes Active Digestive Enzymes
Coral Complete
Oxygen Elements Max

Health Benefits of Our Nutritional Supplements in Weight Loss

All those actions that optimize the essential body functions (metabolism, physiology, immune system, and the body detoxification systems) reverse acidosis and, as a consequence, they help lose weight, help fight obesity.

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