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Altic Obesity Treatment Plan

Healthy Lifestyle: Basic Element of This Weight Loss Plan

As a consequence of the great variety of factors that may cause overweight and obesity, there is a range of therapies used to address these conditions. Weight loss drug therapy and gastric reduction surgery are among the diverse approaches.

A healthy nutrition supposes an alkaline diet enriched with nutritional supplements

Nevertheless, as many searchers do, at Altic Health Prevention we think that, before being a medical concern, overweight and obesity, like the other degenerative chronic diseases, can be prevented and fought by a healthy lifestyle. Thus, lowering psychological stresses, practicing physical exercises, and keeping an alkaline diet enriched with appropriate nutritional supplements should be part of any successful weight loss plan.

Together regular exercises and balanced alkaline diet contribute each in their own ways (1) to increase blood circulation and optimize metabolism and physiology, (2) to help burn more calories and lose weight at last. In that condition, rather than being stored as fat in the body, foods are directly used as energy instead. Obviously in your weight loss program you should avoid food over-consumption. Thus, your CALORIES IN (calories from food intake and drinks) do not exceed your CALORIES OUT (calories used by all the multitude of processes and activities sustaining your life: thinking, breathing, digestion, physical activities and so one). So before you take our nutrition supplements for obesity, please see the details of the lifestyle we recommend.

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