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Treatment for Osteoporosis

Lifestyle Changes Needed!

Swimming in water helps detoxify the body and thus may contribute to slow osteoporosis

For osteoporosis our treatment is articulated in two points. First of all, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle with physical exercises, a not too stressful way of life and an alkaline diet. Secondly you need to balance your overall nutrition with nutritional supplements. Both actions will prepare your body to sustain optimal metabolism and physiology and to maintain a strong immune system as well. It is in those conditions only that your body is armed to fight successfully any chronic disease, such as osteoporosis, with or without prescription medications. Please consider the details of the lifestyle we recommend before taking our nutritional supplements.

Our Nutritional Supplements for Osteoporosis

The two main components of this nutritional program:

Osteoporosis levels:

The body pH here is the average value of the “First Morning Urine pH Test” taken seven successive days.
Supplements for Osteoporosis
(1-Month Pack)
Severe Osteoporosis
1 Active Systemic Enzymes
1 Active Digestive Enzymes
1 Colostrum
1 Coral Complete
1 Oxygen Elements Max
1 Threelac
Total $196.75
Moderate Osteoporosis
1 Active Systemic Enzymes
1 Coral Complete
Total $53.95
Mild Osteoporosis
1 Coral Complete
Total $26.95
Active Systemic Enzymes Active Digestive Enzymes
Coral Complete
Oxygen Elements Max

Health Benefits of Our Nutritional Supplements for Osteoporosis

Optimazing our metabolism, our physiology and our immune system, and detoxifying our body are the very processes that help fight acidosis, as well as osteoporosis by consequence.

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Chronic Diseases: Osteoporosis

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Sarcopenia, frailty and osteoporosis - Arai H.
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New treatment for osteoporosis provides better protection against fractures
(University of Gothenburg) A new treatment for osteoporosis provides major improvements in bone density and more effective protection against fractures than the current standard treatment. These are the findings of a study published in the New Eng...
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