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Causes of Premature Aging

How Acidosis Causes Chronic Diseases

Consistent with nutritionists, acidosis is the most important cause of almost all chronic diseases. This condition is predominantly due to our modern lifestyle and acidic diet. Let us examine first how acidosis causes degenerative chronic diseases in general so we can better understand the way it brings out to premature aging.

Normal Aging

Aging may be slowed by a healthy lifestyle including an alkaline diet enriched with nutritional supplements.

Ageing is just a natural process that might show up at any age and which is reflected not only by the modifications in our body appearance, but more importantly by the internal signs proving a gradual deterioration in our inner body ability to ensure an optimal metabolism and physiology, to keep a strong immune system and consequently to prevent and fight the chain of degenerative chronic diseases, also called age-related diseases. Our body appearance is actually only a tiny reflection of our inside bodywork. Aging external marks may include things like limited endurance, pain sensation, wrinkles, sagging skin as well as age related spots.

The normal aging process should be linked to the infinite complexity of the human organism. Billions of body metabolic reactions and physiological processes are planned to proceed in a synchronized manner. Occasionally there are failures and accidents. So over time our system deteriorates little by little. For that reason aging ends anyway with degenerative chronic diseases and can only be slowed, not definitely stopped.

Premature Aging: a Degenerative Chronic Disease

In most cases normal individuals start showing evidence of aging approximately at the age of 60. If ever a younger person has similar signs, we'll consider that he/she is experiencing early or premature aging, which is a degenerative disease. However, you can stay younger and live longer, in comparison to the average people within your respective age group. To reach this goal you should address the main cause of this disease, which is the abnormally early decline of our physiology, our metabolism and our immune system.

Without having to go into detailed information we can mention that most of the researchers truly interested in this matter believe that, beside medical and genetic causes, the rate of ageing depends most notably on the life style an individual leads. A lack of physical exercise, pollution of the physical environment we live in, a too stressful emotional life and finally our modern acidic diet are considered to be the top causes that do speed aging process. Most nutrition experts are actually convinced that the root cause of premature or early ageing is undoubtedly acidosis, a situation of body over-acidity which is in fact the very first consequence of our unbalanced lifestyle, particularly our today acidic nutrition. It is acidosis that abnormally impairs the general functioning of our metabolism, our physiology and also of our immune system, giving way for chronic diseases to early invade and deteriorate our body. There are more than 150 degenerative chronic diseases known. Here are a few examples:

Age-Related Chronic Diseases Caused by Acidosis

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