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Colostrum Supplement

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Colostrum Health Benefits

According to scientists colostrum is the richest and the most beneficial food supplement in the world. It contains not only immune factors and growth factors, its two most important components, but also enzymes, vitamins and many other substances all necessary for the development, the defense and the continuous rejuvenation of our body life. Scientific facts show that this supplement should accompany every human being throughout his life. Below are some examples of what colostrum can do for you.

  1. With its immune factors colostrum is able to regulate the immune system and to provide the body a coverage against microbial infections (viruses, bacteria, fungi / Candida):
    • As immune moderator, it reduces autoimmune and allergic reactions (cases of allergic rhinitis, asthma...).
    • Colostrum has proven to be a strong natural antiflu agent.
    • It may constitute a support again HIV and Herpes viruses.
  2. With its growth factors colostrum will repair and rejuvenate body tissues when and where those actions are needed:
    • Helps heal wounds and scars.
    • Strong anti-inflammatory - Supports healthy joints and cartilage in arthritis.
    • Good to healing acne and other skin diseases.
    • Accelerate recovery from body trauma after an injury or after a hard and weakening treatment (case of cancer treatment for instance).
    • Increases lean muscle mass and metabolic rate. For athletes it improves endurance and workload capacity and shortens recovery period between sessions.
  3. Colostrum has revealed many additional health benefits:
    • Scientific evidences show that colostrum may improve memory and cognitive performance.
    • Colostrum may help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels in diabetes.
    • It also helps increase virility and sexual drive.

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Please watch the following video to learn more on what scientists have discovered about the numerous and impressive health benefits of colostrum, the first-milk and first-food for mammals, and a mother nature’s gift to mammals:

What health benefits you can get from colostrum?

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