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Calcium Supplement

Buy Coral Complete Coral Complete Facts

Coral CompleteTM Facts

Coral Complete: Calcium supplement

60 capsules - $26.95 Buy

Mostly due to our acidic modern diet, acidosis is nowadays common and a very dangerous condition that weakens all the body systems.

Coral Complete is one of nature's finest sources of bioavailable calcium. This nutrient (calcium) is part of the minerals that constitute the alkaline reserves of the body.

Therefore, Coral Complete will assist the body to balance and maintain an alkaline pH. As a result this supplement will support the body against osteoporosis, early aging, chronic cardiovascular diseases, and against many other degenerative diseases related to acid-alkaline imbalance. Coral Complete supports, in particular, strong bones and teeth.

Take two Coral Complete Capsules with an evening meal or at bedtime.

Colostrum Plus Supplements Facts
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