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Vitamins Supplement

Buy Daily Vita Plus Daily Vita Plus Facts

Daily Vita PlusTM Facts

Daily Vita Plus - Liquid blend of vitamins

1 Pint - $16.00 Buy

Vitamins are catalysts that work with enzymes (as coenzymes) to easy the biochemical reactions in the body. They are required in very small amounts.

Vitamins are not synthesized by the body. Therefore they need to be obtained either directly from foods or as nutritional supplements.

Daily Vita Plus is one of the most power-packed liquid vitamin supplements in the marketplace today. It offers you high quality vitamins, as well as other essential dietary ingredients to support a healthy body. Liquid vitamins are easier to absorb into the body. This ensures a higher level of nutrition support.

Daily Vita Plus Supplement Facts

Daily Vita Plus Ingredients Health Benefits:


Take 1 TBSP per day before breakfast or with a meal.

60-day money back guarantee on any initial order of GHT product

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