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On this page, we list a selection of nutritional supplements that might help you to fight or to prevent chronic diseases, like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, Candida infection, obesity, osteoporosis, and premature aging. This supplements are from Global Health Trax (GHT), one of the most trusted names in the nutritional market today.

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Call 1-800-305-5710
(give them our GHT ID : 148020)

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Active Digestive Enzymes
90 capsules

Buy - Price: $33.95

Active Digestive Enzymes
Blend of essential digestive enzymes
Boost digestion and absorption of foods
Support a healthy digestive function
Effective aid in lactose intolerance

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Active Systemic Enzymes
60 capsules

Buy - Price: $27.00

GHT Active Systemic Enzymes
Blend of enzymes
Act within the blood stream, the cells and the body tissues
Help clean the blood of free radicals and of undigested food debris
Support healthy cardio vascular and strong immune systems.
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Colostrum Plus
120 capsules

Buy - Price: $33.95

GHT Colostrum Plus
Contains both immune factors and growth factors
Natural antibiotics and immune system booster
Repairs muscles, tissues, skin and cartilage

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Coral Complete
60 capsules

Buy - Price: $26.95

GHT Coral Complete
Natural source of bioavailable calcium mineral
Helps the body to balance and maintain an alkaline pH
Supports against premature aging, cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis

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Daily Vita Plus
1 Pint

Buy - Price: $16.00

GHT Daily Vita Plus
Liquid vitamin supplement
Supports a healthy metabolism

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Fivelac Probiotic
60 Packets

Buy - Price: $54.95

GHT Fivelac Probiotic
Probiotic supplement
Extremely powerful cure for Candida infections

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30 Pearls

Buy - Price: $19.95

GHT Florafive
A blend of beneficial bacteria
Supports gastro-intestinal health and a strong immune system

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Oxygen Elements Max
1 Ounce

Buy - Price: $24.95

GHT Oxygen Elements Max
Nutritional supply for oxygen
Supply oxygen to the body at the cellular level
Kill Candida and other bacteria in the bloodstream

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Threelac Probiotic
60 Packets

Buy - Price: $49.95

Ght Threelac Probiotic
A powerful probiotic
Highly effective in curing Candida infections in gastrointestinal tract

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