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Article Contribution Archives

Archives Jan-Jun 2015

Cancer Survival Rates Improving in US - Scientists Found
The proportion of people surviving years after a cancer diagnosis is improving, according to a new analysis by searchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Broccoli May Help Prevent Cancer - A Green Chemoprevention
Scientific research for new cancer treatment shows that broccoli may help protect oral lining from cancer-causing carcinogens – Green Chemoprevention.

Big Medical Bills - Hidden Side Effect of Cancer Treatment
Cancer treatment costs increasingly expensive, even for patients with insurance. Some doctors start discussing these costs as they would for other side effects.

Breast Cancer Rates Troubling High in Black Women
Study finds troubling breast cancer rates in African-American women. Researchers plan to use the new data to provide better ways to diagnose and treat the disease.

Tetanus Vaccine Found to Boost Cancer Vaccine in Brain Tumor
In a small trial involving 12 patients, researchers recently used the tetanus vaccine to boost the healing effects of cancer vaccine in fighting brain tumor.

Chemical in Ayahuasca Shows Potential to Cure Diabetes
In Ayahuasca a substance, called harmine, helps regenerate the pancreas cells that normally produce insulin. The additional flow of insulin helps treat diabetes.

How Meat Fuels Cancer Tumor Growth
Meat fuels cancer tumor growth. Association meat and cancer. Link between meat consumption and chronic disease.

Meechy Monroe Beauty Blogger Cancer Journey
After being diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer last year, Beauty Blogger Monroe has documented her journey on her blog.

Archives 2012-2014

How to Prevent Premature Aging
Prevention is better than cure. That is true if you want to avoid premature aging. You will need to know first what causes premature aging skin condition.

The Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes
The revealed link between sleep apnea, diabetes, and obesity shows the way to health through nutrition, exercise, and sleep apnea treatment.

How natural regrowth supplements helped me fight hair loss
Hair loss: medical condition where the body (head or other body parts) experiences a hair loss. There exist natural hair regrowth supplements including Reloxe.

Is Your Snoring Killing You?
Chronic snoring can lead to ѕеrious health issues. It maу bе sign оf sleep apnea, that carries а high risk оf developing number оf life-threatening conditions.

The Importance of Music in a Fitness Class
Regular indoor gym class mаkеѕ uѕ healthy аnd fit. But, dіd уоu knоw thаt thе music wе hear, whіle wе exercise, makeѕ thе workout seеm easier thаn іt rеallу is?

Tips to deal with Stress Incontinence
Incontinence: urinary or fecal – Depending on their causes, each of them can further be divided in stress, or urge, or functional, or overflow incontinence.

Osteoporosis and Tips to Relieve Joint Pain
Osteoporosis: Useful facts & helpful tips to alleviate joint pains - Joint replacement surgeries.

Studies Show Running Helps With Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Studies show that the number of addicts in the United States to drugs or alcohol is at an all-time high. Evidences suggest that running can help ease addiction.

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