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How to Prevent Premature Aging

Written by Shikha Mehrotra

They say prevention is better than cure, and that is true if you want to avoid premature aging. You need however to know first what causes this condition.

Lack of sleep

If you’re in the habit of staying up late at night and only getting small amounts of sleep, your skin will look unattractive and dull. Not having enough sleep will cause your body to produce additional cortisol, above the normal level. It will speed up free radical reproduction as well. Excess free radicals can destroy elastin and collagen, which are important components that make your skin healthy, supple and smooth.

In order to avoid this dilemma, be sure to get adequate amounts of sleep (between 7-10 hours each night) eat foods that are good for the immune system and use serums and facial creams that are high in antioxidants, all this will help maintain your skin’s overall health.

Excess sugar

Having a sweet tooth can cause the skin to age prematurely. Too much sugar in your body will result to glycation, a process where sugar, fats, and proteins bonds together. This happens inside the tissues, thus causing inflexibility of the muscle, production of free radicals, and inflammation.

You do not actually have to give up on sweets completely; just maintain all sugary fruits and sweets in moderation with your diet.

Aging Symptoms Illustration

Exposure to the sun

One of the major culprits of premature aging is the sun. Too much sun exposure will result in photo-aging, the aging reaction of the skin. This will cause your skin to become discolored and wrinkled, your lips stretched, and tightened, not to mention put you at risk of developing skin cancer.

To prevent these skin aging signs, make sure to always put on sunscreen before going out of your house. Also, try to avoid prolonged exposure during the sun’s peak hours, and if possible, use an umbrella. If you plan on getting a tan, apply sunscreen lotion (SPF 30 and higher) on your skin.


It is safe to say that in today’s world, most of us, including teenagers, are experiencing some form and level of stress. There are a lot of things that we want and desire to accomplish, be it in school, at work or in the home, and because of that, we wear ourselves out doing everyday chores. Free radicals can start to appear due to stress and cause damage to the cells in your body, which will lead to quicker aging of the skin and body.

Pollution and smoke

Being exposed to pollution and cigarette smoke breaks down the dermis’ vitamin A components, which is essential in repairing and renewing dermal tissues that have been damaged. Without the presence of vitamin A, the skin will have difficulty treating injuries and other types of damages to the skin.

As you grow old, it will become visible on your face as well, but you would likely be upset if someone tells you that you look older than your actual age. Keeping your skin looking at its best requires a healthy lifestyle both by looking after the inside as well as by maintaining proper skin care.

Author Bio: Shikha Mehrotra
Aromatherapist: has been in beauty and spa industry since 1998; specializing in aromatherapy, Ayurvedic beauty and skin care Sydney. He co- founded the AYURVE concept and enjoys writing about beauty, Ayurve spa treatments and products.

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