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Nutrition and Health

Our body possesses an extraordinary ability to self prevent and to self fight degenerative chronic diseases, like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis, acid reflux, premature aging, Candida infection, and many more. To do that successfully, the body needs a balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The video herein is an amazing and hopeful testimony of an 8-year old girl, survivor of a brain cancer.

Nutrition and Health Topics

Body Acid-Alkaline Balance

Our body performs properly in the pH range 7.0-7.5. Outside this range, come the unhealthy zones of acidosis and alkalosis. Both of these health conditions signal a general autotoxication and malfunction of the body. Both trigger degenerative chronic diseases.
Modern acidic diet: Illustration of unhealthy food

Nutrition - Acidosis - Diseases

Acidosis is a health condition of body over-acidity. It has as prominent causes our modern acidic diet along with our unbalanced lifestyle. It affects the human body far more frequently compared to alkalosis. For us human, it is the main cause of most chronic diseases known.
Elements of a healthy lifestyle: Water, Air, Sun, Vegetables, Fruits, Physical Exercise

Lifestyle and Chronic Diseases

A healthy lifestyle is the one that is able to maintain our body slightly alkaline. It should include the following elements: an alkaline diet, regular physical exercises, a de-stressed way of living, and a clean habitat (Water-Air-Sun).
Diagnostic pH Test Strips

Buy Diagnostic pH Test Strips

Diagnostic pH trips are the cheapest tools we can use to regularly check our body pH. Whenever the test shows that our body has turned over-acidic, we should intervene immediately to bring it back to a healthy pH. We recommend doing that through balanced nutrition and lifestyle. Otherwise, the battery of acidosis related chronic diseases would start invading our body one after another: acid reflux, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and obesity, to site a few.

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