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Acidosis Causes Body General Dysfunction
By Dan Altic
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Nutrition and Acidosis Diseases Topics

This section shows how our nutrition and lifestyle can turn our body over-acidic. This body state is known as acidosis. Acidosis or body over-acidity is blamed to be the leading cause of most degenerative chronic diseases, like acid reflux, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, premature aging and diabetes.

Symptoms for Acidosis

Because it produces a general autotoxication of the body, acidosis manifests itself through a series of different symptoms.

Symptoms for Alkalosis

As it causes a general autotoxication of the body, alkalosis, like acidosis, shows itself through a variety of different symptoms.
Modern acidic diet: Illustration of unhealthy food

Acidosis and Chronic Diseases

Acidosis, a nutrition and lifestyle deficiency, appears to be the leading cause of most chronic diseases. It impairs the blood circulation, the transport of oxygen and of nutrients, as well as the elimination of metabolic wastes. Acidosis finally causes a general autotoxication and disfunction of the body.This body toxic situation will trigger a chain of degenerative diseases.
Respiratory System Illustration

Acidosis Main Medical Causes

Three regulatory systems work constantly to maintain the body acid content inside the tolerable values: our metabolism, the renal and the respiratory systems. In the event the acid excess becomes too large, any of those three systems might become overwhelmed. That system will not work properly anymore. Consequently, acids will begin building-up throughout the body, causing acidosis.

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