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Acidosis Causes Body General Dysfunction
By Dan Altic
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Acidosis Main Medical Causes

The Three Main Medical Types of Acidosis

Scientific studies show that, to perform properly, human body must regularly be slightly alkaline. A body acid excess actually is a toxic health condition. It opens our body to most degenerative chronic diseases. This is a result of the human body design.

The respiration of our body cells produces carbon dioxide. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is an acid. On the other side, the metabolism of the foods we consume produces either acids, or alkaline by-products.

Three regulatory systems work constantly to maintain the body acid content inside the tolerable values. Among them we have our metabolism; this neutralizes a portion of the acids, by means of acid-alkaline processes. After that will come the renal system, and the respiratory system; these two systems try to eliminate from the body the rest of the acid excess.

In the event the acid excess becomes too large, any of those three regulatory systems might become overwhelmed. This system will not work properly anymore. Consequently, acids will begin building-up throughout the body.

The situation in which the body shows a persistent acid excess is actually unhealthy; it is known as acidosis. The bigger the amount of the acid excess, the more serious the disorder is going to be. Modern medicine separates acidosis in three main types: respiratory acidosis, renal acidosis, and metabolic acidosis. This classification depends on the regulatory system that fails in the control of the body acid content.

Urinary System
Illustration of the Urinary System

1. Human urinary system: 2. Kidney, 3. Renal pelvis, 4. Ureter, 5. Urinary bladder, 6. Urethra. (Left side with frontal section) 7. Adrenal gland Vessels: 8. Renal artery and vein, 9. Inferior vena cava, 10. Abdominal aorta, 11. Common iliac artery and vein With transparency: 12. Liver, 13. Large intestine, 14. Pelvis
The path of impurities being excreted from the kidneys:
Kidneys → Ureters → Urinary Bladder → Urethra

Main cause of acidosis: The foods we eat

Nutrition experts blame acidosis to be the principal cause of most degenerative chronic diseases. These include cancer, arthritis, premature aging, and diabetes. Because acidosis causes a general autotoxication of the body, commonly it does trigger not only one specific single disorder alone, but a chain of chronic diseases.

Body Acid Excess
(Level of Acidosis)
made up of:
Cellular Respiration Generated Acids: Necessary to provide energy to the cells
(CO2 from Foods)
Other Metabolism Generated Acids
(From Acidic Foods)
Metabolism Generated Alkaline By-products
(From Alkaline Foods)

Definitely, the type of foods we eat seems to be the most important factor that we have to limit the scope of the acid content in our body. The more our foods are alkaline, the less our body will be acidic and conducive to chronic diseases.

So, for the body to perform properly, our physiology and our metabolism will have to keep in it an excess of alkaline by-products, over the acids.

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