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Fitness Equipment>>  Elliptical Trainers>>  FreeMotion Freestrider s5.6

FreeMotion Freestrider s5.6 with 35-Inch Variable Stride

FreeMotion Freestrider s5.6 with 35-Inch Variable Stride

The patent-pending FreeMotion Stride s5.6 innovatively combines the low-impact stride of the elliptical together with the calorie burn of an incline trainer. Workout on your favorite tunes by plugging in your CD, iPOD or MP3 player! At all times keep you cool and comfortable regardless how you bend, flex or move with the integrated fan. Stride, glide and climb your way to a stronger, leaner more sculpted body using the Strider 5.6 from FreeMotion!

FreeMotion Freestrider s5.6 with 35-Inch Variable Stride

YOU can define your stride with the unique variable stride feature. No other cardio machine provides up to 35'' of natural striding motion in a small footprint. This unique footpath enables you to engage your hamstrings and glutes for more muscle activation and calorie burning than do walking and running. The variable stride and gel cushioned foot pedals allow you the freedom and comfort to easily move through your own natural range of motion. With 12 levels of the custom-designed Electromagnetic Resistance System, you receive consistent resistance that guarantees an intense, aerobic workout. Make easy adjustments simply by pressing a button on the console, or scroll through intervals with buttons on the moving arms. Choose or vary your resistance level to target your personal fitness needs without the joint stress or damage caused by impact. A sophisticated workout display console monitors the number of calories burned, calories burned per hour, time, distance, pulse, vertical feet, RPM and resistance. The ingenious Stride Ladder keeps track of your stride in real time and indicates where you are in the workout. This feature will tell you to to cool it down or to kick it up, so that you can meet your workout goals every time! In addition the smart FreeMotion Strider is iFIT SD card compatible and features 8 preset stride workouts and 8 body zone workouts for guaranteed effective aerobic and fitness training. Finally you can plug in and rock out with the premium sound quality of its integrated speaker system!

Sorry! The FreeMotion Freestrider s5.6 is not available for the moment. See the choices available bellow.

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