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Is Candida Infection a Sexual Transmissible Disease

Jim Asked:
if someone has Candida, can he have any sexual relation? such as kisses, and oral intercourse or this will put the other partner under the risk of getting infected? and can an infected person be 100% cured of this illness? thank you. [March 28, 2012]

We all live with some Candida in our gut!

We all normally live with a minimal controlled population of Candida in our gut. Candida contamination becomes an infection or a disease when there is overgrowth of these bacteria. Candida overgrowth is nurtured by an overly acidic body. This body state corresponds to a disease called acidosis. This very bad disorder is mostly due to our modern lifestyle and acidic diet. To learn more about the huge impact of acidosis on the genesis of chronic diseases, including Candida infections, you may follow us on Twitter @DanAltic and on

Acidosis weakens our body as does HIV

So you easily get Candida yeast infection when your metabolism, physiology and immune system are weakened by acidosis. This situation is comparable to the case where you have two people, one with HIV positive and the other one with HIV negative. If both are contaminated by an opportunistic microbe the body of the person HIV positive will be easily invaded by the microbe because of her/his weakened immune system. On the other side the person HIV negative can more likely resist the infection his/her defense system being strong.

Candida infection is a Sexual Transmissible Disease

So yes Candida infection disease is sexual transmissible depending however on your partner body condition. Thus if you know you are infected you should better avoid any unprotected sexual relation.

We cannot get rid at 100% of Candida bacteria – But we can cure the infection!

Candida bacteria are human body normal companions. When we treat Candida disease the purpose is to get rid of the invasion (the infection, the overgrowth) and to bring back these bacteria population to a controlled minimal level where they no more harm our body health.

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